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November 16, 2010

Hello all:
For the first time in years (maybe ever??) the University Of New Mexico  "Lobo" Handball Team is planning to attend the USHA National Collegiate Tourney in Tempe AZ in February, 2011. They need our financial assistance. See enclosed info from Team Coach and fellow handballer, Carl White.
If 30-35 folks at the Dog Bowl banquet can kick in $300 on a hat pass collection we certainly should be able to double or triple that and support our next generation of players. At the Dog Bowl tourney we had numerous current and past handball lobos and we need to encourage their continued participation.
All donations are tax deductible.
Thanks,  Dave C
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Hi Dave:
Please send this to you handball list!

I deposited the donations for the Handball Lobos made by the Dog Bowl players.  It was $297 total!  Much greater than expectations.  Special thanks to all, particularly Don Stinar and Bob Evans!  ATTACHED IS THE ENTRY FORM FOR THE NATIONAL COLLEGIATES!  The date is Feb. 23-27 in Tempe AZ.  If we drive, I think the minimum needed per player and coach is $500 per person for a team of 3 players and a coach.  I will start working with the players to get commitments and let everyone know how many want to go.  As a first time team entry, we can qualify for new team support of $500 total if at least 3 players and a coach fully participate.  No skill level required, all three players could be novices. 

I know these are hard economic times, and the students at UNM have finally taken it upon themselves to form a Club, get a bank account with the UNM Foundation for tax-deductible donations, and have expressed an interest in going to Nationals.  That is a large commitment of time to miss school and work, so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Enclosed below gives the information on making donations.  Thank you in advance. 

Sincerely, Carl White, Club Advisor
Help send UNM team to
National Collegiate Tournament
Tax-Deductible Donations accepted!
Make check out to: Handball Lobos
Send to: Carl White, Advisor
UNM Biology Department
MSC03 2020
University of New Mexico
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