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The Colorado Handball Association has extended an offer to our regional neighbors to provide space on this web site to help keep regional players abreast of handball happenings that are closer to their home courts.  Submissions are encouraged from all of our neighbors and will appear here as they become available.  If you would like to have your own page, please send us an email with your request.

Regional Items

New Mexico Happenings

Dave Coulie is one of the USHA “Ambassadors” for New Mexico (NM) and he has volunteered to do a periodic column for the CHA Site.  Anyone wanting to submit an item for his column can send it to him at: or call him at 505-293-0996. Here are some hi-lites of the year, thus far, for NM handball.

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About These Letters...


Use the links below to read the open letters and articles written by members and submitted to the Colorado Handball community.  If you would like to submit a letter or article, send us an email.  Each item below has more detail:  click on the "read more..." link to see the full letter or article.  We have room for lots more, so please send in your submissions!   And include some photos if you have some digital pics.

Letter Items

A Michigander in Colorado
I love handball. I also love Colorado.  So, what could be more natural than to arrange to go to Colorado for a week-long handball fest lasting from July 27’th. to Aug. 3’rd.? The fest took place in Durango at the Durango Sports Club and began with the High Country Tournament. The tournament was followed at the same location by the 33’rd. annual week-long Bike/Tyson Handball Camp. 
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The Glass Room

 Never played handball. To be honest, never seen the game played until a couple of weeks ago, although I have heard a lot about it.  Seems fast, confusing and the only people that seem to know the score are the people on the court.  Lots of yelling, slamming into walls and sweating.  Yeah………..that sounds like a lot of fun.  So when I was invited to watch a tournament, I thought, what the hey, I’m game.  Never in my life did I realize ...

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