CHA Tournament Seeding Guidelines

At the April 2006 Board Meeting a suggestion was made to re-state the guidelines that tournament directors can use to seed tournament entries.  These guidelines were first established in 1989 and have been used either formally or informally in most tournaments sanctioned by the CHA since that time.  Stan Wolpoff submitted a document from an August, 1989 CHA organizational meeting that forms the basis of the following suggestions.


The purpose of having a seeding system is to reward the players that are participating in the tournaments scheduled.  No system is fault free, but a set of guidelines gives the tournament directors a sense of direction for objectively seeding tournament players.

Seeding should take place for the first four seeds in every tournament.  Even with a small bracket the first four spots should be seeded. 

Each tournament bracket will have "points" awarded for the top four places:

  • First place:  10 points
  • Second place:  7 points
  • Other semi-finalists (3rd and 4th):  5 points each

If any tournament bracket has 16 or more entrants, an additional 2 points will be added to each of the semifinalists:

  • First place:  12 points
  • Second place:  9 points
  • Other semi-finalists (3rd and 4th):  7 points each

Total points earned during the previous two calendar years should be used to rank each player participating in a bracket.  Points are bracket specific. For example, if a player accumulates points in the "B" bracket, those points will not count toward seeding in the "A" bracket or any other bracket.  For the purposes of seeding, there is no distinction made between 3-Wall and 4-Wall events or between Singles and Doubles events.  Events that do not have clearly defined brackets are not considered.

Players who take first or second place in any bracket are encouraged to move up to the next higher bracket unless they are already in the top bracket for their age group.  Tournament directors have the right to re-classify any entry at any time, but should do so only with the participants full knowledge. 

In any specific tournament, the player who takes first place in the top bracket for their age group should be seeded #1 the following year in order to allow them to defend their title.

The points earned by each of the four semifinalists will be available to tournament directors before the seeding begins.  These points can serve as a guideline but are not required to be used at all.  Consequently, any issues that a player may have should be taken to the tournament director for resolution.