Submit An Article to the CHA

Submit an article for the web site or the CHA PASSING SHOTS newsletter  - see the Contacts page for email addresses and phones

Web Site

If you have an article about handball, a tournament announcement, an entry form you want to have put up on our web site, or results of a tournament,  you can get it to me in one of four formats:

  • As an HTML document attached to an email. This is the "native" format of the web.
  • As a document that you have created in an editor such as Microsoft Word, attached to an email.
  • As an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file, if you have one or can convert your document to PDF, attached to an email.
  • As a simple email that includes all the required information.

Be sure to include the beginning and ending dates that you want your submission to appear as well as a way for me to contact you directly to clarify your request.   There is no charge for handball related items. 

Passing Shots CHA Newsletter

Don Stewart is the editor.  He pretty much covers everything he is asked to report on about handball in Colorado. If you have anything of interest or concern to the handball community, let him know your ideas. 

"Southern Bureau"

Mike Colgate has been our CHA Newsletter editor in Colorado Springs for quite a while now. He has asked me to let you know that you can count on him if you have something of interest or concern to the handball community. Call him with your ideas or if you just want to discuss that article you want to contribute to the newsletter (or our web site).