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CHA Hall of Fame Guidelines

Mission Statement

The CHA HOF is dedicated to recognizing, honoring, and permanently enshrining the most outstanding Colorado handball players and contributors.

Nomination Criteria

General Category

1.    The nominee must have played and/or participated in CHA activities for a minimum of five years.

2.    The nominee must be at least 45 years of age at the time of nomination for living players.

Player Category

1.    The nominee must have demonstrated outstanding play by consistently winning tournaments (i.e., state, local, and national in order of priority) over numerous years.  Trophies, magazine or newsletter articles, or concurring memory recall by peers will suffice as proof of tournament results.

Contributor Category

1.    The nominees must have promoted Colorado handball through outstanding, unselfish service by participating in CHA as an officer, organizing and running state and local tournaments, developing and participating in youth programs to foster new players, and participating in the USHA as an officer or regional representative.

Nomination Process

1.    Any CHA member in good standing can nominate a person for consideration by the HOF committee for induction into the CHA HOF.  The nominator must complete a nomination form that will detail reasons that the nominee should be considered for induction.  The HOF committee may request additional documentation or conduct personal interviews in order to verify and/or gather information before voting on nominees (see nomination form).

2.    Nominations will be accepted at any time during the calendar year.  The HOF committee will complete the evaluation and selection process by December 31.  The HOF committee reserves the right to defer consideration until the following year if a nomination is received after September 30 of the current year.  Selected nominees will be inducted at an annual tournament/banquet held by the end of April of the following year.

3.    Nominees not chosen for induction in a given calendar year will be removed from consideration unless re-nominated the following year.

HOF Committee

1.    The HOF committee will be comprised of a minimum of 6-9 members.  The CHA president will be a committee member.  The remaining committee members will be volunteers from the CHA membership.  The CHA Board of Directors and/or the CHA membership may choose committee members.  Each committee member counts as one vote during the selection process.  A nominee will be selected for induction if chosen by 2/3 of the HOF committee.  A committee member will abstain from voting if they have been nominated for induction.

2.    HOF committee members will serve at least three years.  The goal is to bring in new committee members on a regular basis.  Each year 1 or 2 committee members will be solicited from the CHA membership.  The HOF Chairperson has the authority to choose new committee members if no volunteers are received from the CHA membership.  This is a volunteer position that requires approximately 20-30 hours of time per year.  Ideally, the HOF committee will be comprised of a representative cross-section of older and younger members.

3.    The committee will choose a chairperson to run meetings and maintain general organization.  The chairperson will solicit other committee members to organize the annual tournament/banquet, act as secretary, and any other assistance as needed.

4.       The committee has the authority to change the aforementioned procedures and criteria by majority vote.