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March 22 2010

To:                   Stan Dunlavy & Stan Wolpoff
Event:              2010 Hall of Fame Banquet and Tournament - DAC
                        12TH Annual Hall of Fame Tournament & Banquet – March 18-20th, 2010
Speaking on behalf of the Colorado Handball Association Executive Board, we wish to thank you two for an exceptional evening at the Hall of Fame Banquet and Tournament.
My guest & friend at my table, Tom Tucker, the 2010 Denver Athletic Club President-Elect, noted how impressed he became with the manner with which you put this entire affair together. My hope is he will view our Handball population in the future in a more favorable light. He has offered to, “kick off the 2011 Banquet” of behalf of the DAC, if you think it has merit. (We noted we dress up good when necessary).
Again, thank you for a great Tournament, & another well planned HOF Banquet. We all understand how much work & time is needed to make this event a success in view of your current careers.
May we also thank the entire Hall of Committee, both past & present, with Stan Dunlavy, Chairman, for 12 straight years of successful events for Colorado Handball & visitors.
Yours truly,
Ron Bronner
CHA President/Treasurer
Cc:                  CHA Executive Board
                        HOF Committee
                        Frank Kostro - MC

July 4 2009

All Handball Coaches – Travel Mileage Policy
The CHA pays $0.25 per travel mile to all coaching sites. EM me yr total mileage for a payout i.e. per quarter.

To:       Robin Carlsen – Tournament Director

            “Play Till You Fall” Tourney - June 20, 2009 - Englewood Middle School
Re:      Donations
Thank you once again for both a great tournament, & the $250.00 donation to the CHA. With your permission, we will apply the donation to the “Jim Costigan Youth” fund for future Junior Handball training.
With this letter, we also thank Bob Hickman, Chairman of the JCY Activities Committee, who generously donated $120.00 to your tournament. Based upon his donation, it seems only right to apply the total to his successful youth handball program.
On behalf of the 20 teams who played in your tournament, we thank you & Bob for a lot of fun, handball & a donation to the future players of Colorado Handball.

Recently, a number of CHA local members came to the aid of one of our own who is struggling with health issues, and raised a generous amount. This member is ill, and during treatments, is unable to work. We thank these members, and the Stemeister who started the initiative & collection of donations. The CHA gathered the checks, & forwarded one check to our fellow handballer.
Congratulations to this year’s DAC Athletes of the Year: Abigail Stevens, Cameron Allan, Blake Dowling, Patrick Murray, Sarah Clark, Olivia Syptak, David Ramsden-Woods, Ellen Hart, and Fred Duboc. These exceptional athletes, along with the Denver Post Student Athletes of the Year and Chauncey Billups were honored at our 34th annual Athlete of the Year Banquet on June 23. The sold out crowd of 450 filled the gym to hear inspirational stories about incredible athletes. 
Note:   Sarah Clark is the daughter of Marty Mercer. Her sport is Tri-Athalons/Marathons.
Sinclair 3 Wall happenings with the School of Mines – Gene Schneider:
Bob/ was important to me to express this to the group but didn't know if it was appropriate.  I was real proud of my guys for being there but really proud of the Sinclair group.  When I expressed concern to you guys about the "retention" of students.......what transpired yesterday helped alleviate those concerns.  Gene 
I'm not sure where to go with this but wanted to express a happening that took place last Wednesday. 
It is always a little bit of a rub with me that there are guys that don't accept or foster those that are just starting the game when the opportunity presents itself.  We've all seen it and we all accept the fact that time is so damn short and precious that we want to spend it playing the best handball we can in the most competitive environment available.  We Handballers are of an ilk that lends oneself to achieving the best that we can with the time and resources available.  It's our nature and our mantra.
That being said, there are those of us that lend our time and energies toward the nurturing, maintaining and proliferation of a sport that means so much to all of us.  Many do their part; some do more, some do nothing, and as in all organizations-some bitch about the lack of anything being done.  
I digress-what I wanted to say is that I had a real busy week this week and next with a eulogy in Trinidad and next weekend my annual dirt bike trip which I've ramrodded for 30 years.  Not to mention 60 hour weeks and still trying to maintain connections with the Mines guys.  So I was going to blow off Wednesday-I had some work to do on the bikes and cooking to do for the trip and really an endless list of shit to do.  The motorcycle guys predate HB guys as far as friendship and commitment goes-can't let them down.
So with my plan in mind I get an e-mail from Andrew Martin and he's been working with his brother for the last few months.  He wants to bring him out but knows that it’s like bringing a lamb to slaughter.  I told him to go for it--part of handball is observation and he'll not regret it.  I also said that I'd work with him and give him the one hour "lesson" for handball.  I got there knowing that I'd be coaching-again- instead of doing stuff I needed to do for the trip and not playing a lot of aggressive handball.  I expected that though.  I worked with Andrews’s brother a little when lo and behold Wade O'Rourke shows up with a buddy of his from Mines.  It was great to see him.  His buddy was kicking rocks having to go to handball (Wade was driving) but quickly got enthralled with the game.  Wade and I got our asses kicked a couple of times as his buddy watched and saw how much fun we were having (even getting our assed kicked).  I worked with Wades buddy also (Gabe) a frickin southpaw and he got me all mixed up......Lefties are simply not normal people.  He had a blast and I'm going to work him in the class next year
Again I digress but what I wanted to say is that throughout the course of the evening I saw many of my friends and competitors take time out of their life and their game to bring my kids into the world of handball and it made me very proud to call them my friends.  At times with the energy and time I devote to coaching Handball I sometimes wonder if it is just futile and simply a waste of time.  Guys like Chad, Brandon, Ken and the two Mikes make me think otherwise.  But when all the guys at Sinclair --ALL take the time to do diligence in helping the new generation, I am just thankful that I have the friends that I have. 
I still believe that Colorado is a Mecca for Handball; the players at Sinclair demonstrated that Wednesday.........I just wanted to give kudos and Thanx to those who shared their passion.
At the end of the day, O'Rourke and Martin played a couple of Hispanic guys that have been hanging around lately-Diego and Alberto (I think).  Of course there was a cacophony of hecklers and rude commentary from the mines guys, the Ibarra clan and the Veterans.  The Mines guys took it but it was great entertainment after way too much beer and Obama bashing by Cunningham.  Nonetheless, after the match and the shaking of hands, Diego and Alberto came up to me and wanted to buy equipment.....they are hooked also.  I'll forward Ron their request for equipment as I'll be out of pocket for a while but here is the main point:
Colorado Handball is alive and well because the people who believe in the perfect sport make it .......alive and well.  Thank you from a guy committed to bringing people into the game for showing them what it means to part of Handball.  I appreciate it guys 
Schneidermann  - School of Mines – Staff Handball Coach – July 10, 2009


February 12 2009

President’s Corner – 1ST Qtr 2009
Bob Symon Pro Stop Memorial Tournament
Travis Owen, Cody Parker and Alex Rodas went to St. Joseph, KS & played in the Bob Symon Pro Stop Memorial Tournament. They got to see all the pros, &  Chapman win the championship.
Travis, Cody and Alex made it to the Semi-Finals in the contenders division. Travis was seeded 3rd, Cody was seeded 7th and Alex 12th. Cody lost to Travis in the Semi-Finals, and Alex lost to Hector Facio in the Semi-Finals, and Travis beat Hector 6 and 4 to win the Contenders Championship.
COLORADO has been well represented considering all the players were from all over the country. Tough players in Missouri, but it was great fun having an ALL-PRO Handball Weekend.
Alex Rodas
Royal Flush Tourney – Las Vegas, NV
Lloyd Garcia/Mike Kearney played three matches to get to the finals.  They played Dave Dohman/Scott Rosenthal (IL) in the finals, and lost 21-6 and 21-13.  They were actually up 12-11 in the second game after a nice run. Dave/Scott called a time out, and got the momentum back & won the match 21-13.
Terry Nett/Dave Hinkleman had a tough run to the finals winning two tiebreaker matches in the early rounds. They lost to Vance McGinnis/Ed Campbell (IL/CA) 7/11.
John Roder/Jay Temple lost in the first round to the 55+ champs Jack Bock/Kelly Russell (CA).  They did win the consolation by defeating Rusty Seedborg/Mark Shelgren (NV/CA) 14 and 14.
Steve Bauer/Greg Taylor (MN) lost in the first round of the 60+ to Bruce Handleman/John Tutlewski.  They also played in the consolation, but Steve had a hip injury & had to default.
Mike Kearney

November 5 2008

To:       Stan Dunlavy – DAC Tourney Director

Cc:      John Bannister – DAC AO Manager
Fr:        Ron Bronner
Re:      DAC Tourney
On behalf of the Colorado Handball Association, the players, spectators and myself, we all want to thank you both for the great job of running the 2008 DAC Tournament.
Everyone noted the tourney ran smooth, the food was great, and we all had a good time. The inclusion of 12 Junior & College players is an all time high for newer players in this tourney. Thanks for your support in this area.
We look forward to 2009!

November 5 2008

To:       Stan Dunlavy – DAC Tourney Director
Cc:      Joe Coleman
Bob Hickman – Ch JCY Committee
Fr:        Ron Bronner
Re:      Junior/College Player Support
            DAC Tourney
CHA check #1109, dated November 2, 2008, in the amount of $240.00, has been forwarded to you to cover the entry fees for the following handball players:
  • Sam Fontenot
  • Nick Reid
  • Jeff Mackelberg
  • Hugo Garcia 
  • Mircea Mosley
  • Armando Ibarra, Jr
  • Brandon Bush
  • Jamee Thurlowe
  • Jacob Leeson
  • Ken Melby
  • Kevin Raber
  • Mike Hoban
The above is funded from our Jim Costigan Youth Fund. My “hat is off to you, Bob Hickman & Gene Schneider, School of Mines Coach” for the increasing attendance of Juniors and college players.

October 4 2008

To:   Vern Roberts – USHA Executive Director - Tucson, AZ
Cc:   CHA Executive Board
   Don Hansen – AWI President/Rick Urso – AWI Prepress Mgr (Denver Printer of USHA Magazine)
Fr:   Ron Bronner
Re:   USHA Magazine - CHA Coverage

Thank you and your staff for selecting the Colorado Handball Association as the “Top Organization of 2008”. We appreciate the nod on page 20, of the USHA October 2008 issue. This is based upon the CHA education programs in various schools headed up by Bob Hickman, and assisted by many coaches. FYI. The following is our Executive Board:

Team Captains
Sherwin Beck
Ron Bronner
Bob Brown
Stan Dunlavy – USHA - Director Rocky Mtn Region
Jack Feingold
Mark Hammond - Boulder
Guy Humphries
Louis Lambert - Colorado Springs
Dennis Madden – Fort Collins
Greg Oyler
Dennis Parker
Gary Russell
Stan Wolpoff – Boulder - Middle School programs

Assisting Executive Board members:
Bob Hickman              Past CHA/USHA President, Ch. JCYF, USHA Committee Member
Mike Kearney             Fall League Director
Mike Pederson            State Chairman, past CHA President & Captain
Gene Waldvogle         Board Secretary, Webpage editor
Don Stewart                Newsletter Editor – 3 Wall State Tourneys, Past CHA President & Captain
Kevin Price/Rusty Ludwig – Grand Junction

Sincerely yours,

Ron Bronner
President/Treasurer – Colorado Handball Association

October 2 2008

President’s Corner:
Colorado Handball Association is honored by the USHA for the “Jim Costigan Youth Activities” headed up by Bob Hickman, CHA Chairman of the “JCY” committee at the 2008 Nationals in KC.
2008 USHA Nationals – KC – Bob Hickman invited Speaker at the Banquet
At the banquet Thursday evening during the Nationals in KC, the CHA and the Costigan Youth Handball Program were recognized as the USHA Organization of the Year for a history of successful youth development efforts.
Bob Hickman, former USHA President, & Chairman of the Colorado Handball Association "Jim Costigan Youth Activities" program, spoke on behalf of the CHA and Costigan Youth Handball. The USHA is very impressed with the accomplishments, and particularly, likes the way we are going about it. They are also impressed with our partnering efforts with Plummer, the local players, the Guth Foundation and the USHA.
The CHA has worked with a number of schools in the Denver Metro & Boulder areas with over 500 Middle school pupils partaking in a Handball PE course usually over a period of three weeks. During 2007, the USHA paid for background checks for 70 new CO trainers, and provided two expert trainers to assist them in teaching handball properly.


September 28 2008

(Thank you letter from the CHA)
Event:               Middle School PE Handball Classes
Where:             Manhattan MS & Englewood MS
When:               September 2008
To:                   Cory Ahrens, Jim Starr, Jim Traut, Brett Nickal, Rick Wheelock, Mack Roberts, Bruce Greene, Dan Knollenberg, Don Stewart, Mike Kearney, Stan Wolpoff,
Bob Hickman, Steve Bauer, Harvey Sundel, Mark Cunningham, Mike Pedersen
Cc:                   Bob Hickman – Ch Jim Costigan Youth Activities Committee
Fr:                    Ron Bronner
Re:                   MS Handball Training
On behalf of Bob Hickman, Ch Jim Costigan Youth Activities Committee, and myself, we wish to thank all of you for taking the time to teach the sport of Handball to the above Middle School pupils.
My understanding is the “Boulder Group” taught around 219 students with another 125 or so taught at the EMS. It is noted both groups were invited back after a successful “Spring 2008” set of classes. My understanding is both groups are invited back for Spring 2009 PE classes.
Thank you all for taking the time out of your work or retired schedules to coach “the kids”.
Yours truly,
Ron & CHA

September 22 2008

EM To: Bob, Ron and the Boys, (Bob Hickman/Steve Bauer/Mike Pedersen/Harvey Sundel) 9/22/08

Yes, it was a great success this fall. I was really impressed with the level of participation and play the kids demonstrated, I was very pleased! I think the 3 day/week focus was a beneficial change. Thank you all for all your time and commitment that really made this a hit!

Boe Freeburn
Physical Education
Englewood Middle School
(303) 806-2308

August 6 2008

Robin Carlsen
7400 S. Houstoun Waring Circle
Littleton, CO 80120-3955
Dear Robin:
On behalf of the Colorado Handball Association, all the players, and myself, we thank you for another great “Firecracker Tournament” on August 2, 2008. My understanding is you had a total of 42 players or 21 teams who had a fun time playing handball for 3-4 hours plus. We appreciate you organizing & managing this tournament, and sitting out to maintain a smooth tourney.
On behalf of the Jim Costigan Youth Fund, we thank you for the personal contribution of $200.00, which is being debited to that account. As you know, Bob Hickman is the Chairman of the JCY Activities committee, and will apply your donation to future Youth Handball development.
You are one of the Crown Jewels in the CHA.

June 5 2008

A big "Thank you" to all who attended and those who made the numerous donations at the "raise awareness for the sport of Handball" special event at the DAC on Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

Mark Hammond & Bear Meiring, both CO HB stalwarts, did us proud against two of the top "10 Pro Handball players, Emmett Peixoto and David Fink, the number 2 & 6 handball players in the world" in both singles & doubles matches.

We thank Mark & Bear for a tremendous display of talent on their part, and giving the DAC a night to remember. Also, we need to thank Emmett & David, for staying after the matches for a "training session that went almost two hours" with both novice and mature players where they had every attendee get a chance to try out each drill.

Jed Seigle & Stan Dunlavy both get our thanks for arranging this match.