CHA Honored as the "USHA Organization of the Year"

Colorado Handball Association is honored by the USHA for the “Jim Costigan Youth Activities” headed up by Bob Hickman, CHA Chairman of the “JCY” committee at the 2008 Nationals in KC.

2008 USHA Nationals – KC – Bob Hickman invited Speaker at the Banquet

At the banquet Thursday evening during the Nationals in KC, the CHA and the Costigan Youth Handball Program, were recognized as the USHA Organization of the Year for a history of successful youth development efforts.

Bob Hickman, former USHA President, & Chairman of the Colorado Handball Association "Jim Costigan Youth Activities" program, spoke on behalf of the CHA and Costigan Youth Handball. The USHA is very impressed with the accomplishments, and particularly, likes the way we are going about it. They are also impressed with our partnering efforts with Plummer, the local players, the Guth Foundation and the USHA.

The CHA has worked with a number of schools in the Denver Metro & Boulder areas with over 500 Middle school pupils partaking in a Handball PE course usually over a period of three weeks. During 2007, the USHA paid for background checks for 70 new CO trainers, and provided two expert trainers to assist them in teaching handball properly.