IMPORTANT - 3-Wall Rules of Decorum

It has come to our attention that some inappropriate behavior has occured at the Englewood Middle School Costigan 3-Wall Courts.

Although it seems like common sense to not sit around with one's fly open or to completly disrobe to the buff to change clothes on the courts in open view, this kind of behavior has caused the following to become effective:

1.  Please do not arrive at the courts earlier than 4pm during school hours.

2.  Please do not disrobe and/or change clothing in public view.

And as always....NO tobacco or alcohol use on school grounds.

Guys....We have use of these courts at the pleasure of the school.  Our efforts and behavior should be to reinforce the positive relationship we've developed.

Let's consider the consequences of breaking the above rules around school children from the 6th through the 8th grades. You, as parents, would not like to get a report of someone doing the above around your children's playground, 3 Wall courts, football, baseball, soccer, & Lacrosse fields.
We have been the guests of the Englewood Middle School for five years teaching handball, & hope toinclude their new high school. There is alot at stake here, so let's be sensible, & act appropriately.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Bob Hickman
Director, Costigan Youth Handball

Ron Bronner
CHA President/Treasurer