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 This year was another good tournament at a fine facility; the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland.

Mines represented Colorado well although we did not place high and struggled at the "do or die" point.

I seeded our guys at appropriate levels and they did outstanding, by initially advancing in brackets.  When the final brackets were set 2 of our 4 players advanced to the round of 8 succumbing at that level. 

We were of course disappointed, however they all played better in their last match than ever before. 

The good news is that these guys love Handball and didn't let the early losses affect them mentally other than vow to get tougher and do better next year.

Today (Feb 26) we had club and all Collegiate players showed up to hone their skills and we all agreed to get these players onto the fast track of competitive Handball.  All but Kyle will be in Chicago next year-with a much better game.

Kyle Leuenberger .........3-1 lost in tiebreaker

Calvin Bollschwieler.......3-1 

Blake Sanders................2-1 lost in tiebreaker

Andrew Bales.................1-3 

I would like to thank Bob Hickman and the Costigan Youth Fund, and the USHA for funding these future Players and also my assistant coaches at Mines, Joel Barber, Ron Bronner and Oliver Boyd.  Bob enabled a full ride this year for my students and me and it couldn't have come at a better time.  We even had players that donated shoes for one of my players!

Thanx for all you do CHA for the Mines program!

~Gene Schneider