2014 Fall League Results and Write-up

Dateline: Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014

Colorado Springs, DAC, Fort Collins and Jeffco B battled it out last Saturday at the APEX courts.  It was good to have Colorado Springs participate, first time in the current format.  DAC returned for the second year in row.  Fort Collins the perennial participant and Jeffco B looking to defend Stanley’s Cup.

Congratulations to Luis and  Fort Collins Club on taking home the cup by going 7-1 on Position Day. 

Colorado Springs and DAC went 4-4 and Jeffco had a disappointing 1-7.  We all adjourned after the matches to Malones for some toasting and spirted debate on one end of the table regarding player classification.  I assume it will be a hot topic next year’s Captains preleague meeting.

Thanks to APEX for hosting the event and to all those who played in this year’s league.  Especially all you captains for organizing your team’s play.

For those who participated let me know if you have some feedback to make it better next year.

Merry Christmas,