2012 Fall Traveling League Results

Congrats to Fort Collins Club as the 2012 Fall League Champions!

The 2012 CHA Fall Traveling League came to a fantastic end, with the final position day held on Dec 15th. In total, 10 teams played competitive handball on 9 different Wednesday nights between September 26th and December 5th, skipping only Halloween and the day before Thanksgiving. This year the league expanded the number of teams to provide an additional team at the CAC Monaco club. Each night there were singles and doubles matches in the Open, A, and 2 Contenders levels for a total of 8 matches for each pair of teams.

Position Day was held on December 15th at the North Jeffco courts. Fort Collins was the overall winner of the Fall League having the best record on Position Day. The results were: Fort Collins 6-2, Da Independents, 5-3, FAC 3-5 and Monaco 2-6

With 10 teams competing for the coveted Stanley's Cup trophy, only the top 4 teams competed on Position Day for the trophy. The winner of the league was determined only by the matches won on Position Day - but had there been a tie, the first tie-breaker would have been the heads-up tally during the league.