2011 Colorado State Doubles Handball Tourney and HOF banquet

The State Doubles tournament and Hall of Fame Banquet were held at the Denver Athletic Club on March 24 – 26, and March 26 respectively.  The tournament had 56 teams participating in 8 divisions.  There was also a juniors’ competition that featured 10 participants.

The highlight of the tournament was the participation of younger players.  There were a total of 42 players either in college, high school, and middle/elementary school.  The majority of the younger players (22) are from the Colorado School of Mines program run by Gene Schneider.  The juniors’ program headed up by Bob Hickman had 14 total participants including 4 players in the novice division.  The B/C and Novice divisions were loaded with the up and coming players.  Thanks to Gene Schneider, Bob Hickman, and all of the other CHA members that participate in the local youth/beginner programs.  Special thanks are due to Costigan Youth Handball for sponsoring the younger players and the associated programs.

Some other tournament results included a three-way tie in the Open division round robin.  The winners were determined by looking at the overall points scored versus the total points given up by the three teams.  Mark Hammond and Mike Kearney ended up edging out Kevin Price and Tyler Stevens once all the scores were evaluated.  The A division had 13 teams with Jed Seigle and Tim Brown defeating Andy Newman and Brett Nickal in a very close finals match, 21-20 and 21-20.  There was great competition in all of the other divisions, too.  Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to all participants.

The tourney directors, Stan Wolpoff, Mark Hammond, and Stan Dunlavy did a great job with all of the logistics and hospitality.  The CHA would also like to thank the Denver Athletic Club and its staff for hosting the tourney.  The tourney is not possible without the continued generosity of the handball community.  Our thanks go out to all contributors and people that lent a hand to make this a successful event.

Mike Kearney and Stan Dunlavy were this year’s CHA Hall of Fame inductees in the player and contributor categories respectively.  The induction ceremony was held after the tournament in the DAC ballroom.  The annual awards’ winners were as follows:  Player of the Year – Gary Scogin (from Utah); Contributor of the Year – Costigan Family (Award accepted by Ann Wansishin); and Most Improved Player – Mircea Mosely.  Congratulations to Mike, Stan, and the annual awards winners.  Thank you to Bob Blackburn for emceeing this year’s induction ceremony and to all banquet attendees.

The following people and businesses contributed to another successful tournament and Hall of Fame ceremony:  Ken Patterson, Bob and Linda Hickman, Ron Bronner, Duane Ingram, Robin Carlsen, Mike Pedersen, Mike Colgate, Paul Owen, Wally Livingston, Arne Arnesen, Bob Brown, Jeff Gregory, Mike Kearney, Bob Johnston, Dan Knollenberg, George Kress, Jim Loudner, Cynthia Miller, Donna and Dave Mosely, Bob Richardson, Terry Nett, RBC c/o Jon Roder, Dan Price, Gary Russell, Don & Gail Stewart, Spencer-Vick, Harvey Sundel, Rick Woodward, Luis Marquez, Greg Oyler, Steve Bauer, Jim Hale, Gene Waldvogle, Stan and Sheila Dunlavy, Baer & Hickman Architects, Independent Records, Gene Schneider, In-Check, Stan Wolpoff, Mark Hammond, WFS Wearables for Success, Jviation, and John Bannister.