How to get your ad on this web site

We currently have 3 ways that we publish ads on our web site:  from pre-paid customized ad campaigns, through "Google ads", and from member submitted ads.

  1. Custom ad campaigns are very competitive with Google as far as cost to the advertiser, and give us complete control over what ads appear on each page.  We can accommodate individual ads on a specific page (or set of pages) for a set number of page impressions, click-through counts, or on a monthly basis.  <<CLICK HERE>> to see typical ad sizes and the associated costs that can be used to estimate your ad budget.

  2. Google Ads are targeted ads that automatically appear in the designated space on selected web pages within our site.  The ads that appear are entirely controlled by Google, so if an advertiser wants their ads to appear in that ad space, they must work with Google directly.  We do have some control over ad content that appears on our site that allows us to make sure certain types of ads will never appear, (competitors, inappropriate ads, etc.) but for the most part Google decides what the ad content is.

  3. Member submitted ads are provided to all our paid members on request, but there is no guarantee of how many page impressions or which page will display the ads.  The member submitted ads are all "skyscraper" format (130w by 600h) which are simply automatically selected from those that have been submitted and rotated into page display space.

PLEASE NOTE<<CLICK HERE>> to review the ad space description page as it answers most of the questions you might have about ad size and cost.  For the custom ads, a pre-paid ad campaign is established and the web site automatically tracks the number of page impressions and click-through counts.  When the ad campaign funds are exhausted, the ads will no longer appear until the campaign is re-funded.

If you would like to submit a proposed ad campaign, <<CLICK HERE>> to send us your details and have someone contact you.